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“... Fantastic draw, beautifully made and both the filler and ash are very white (high potassium content). The body is richer until the final third and the end becomes woody and even spicy. The finish is rhythmic and very coherent!”

Mourade Hendor

The House of Grauer – Geneva
“The wrapper is textured with visible veins, it looks almost box-pressed on 2 sides (not 4)...”

Véronique Giraud

“It is a beautiful smoke as soon as it is lit. The draw is good. The first part of the cigar is woody and beautifully mellow and the second part is similar. ”

Noël Marguelisch


Sale of exceptional cigars online, made in the Dominican Republic.

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CB Cigars sells cigars and cigar accessories online. CB Cigars is a Swiss brand and our premium cigars are made in the Dominican Republic.

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