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The CB Cigars’s philosophy

History & Production

CG 014 Manufacture

Created in 2020

CB Cigars is a Swiss brand made in the Dominican Republic.



CB Cigars was born from a meeting and above all a friendship between Palmo Esposito (owner of Don Capa factory and cigar brand) and Cédric Borboën.

The territory of Santo Domingo is known for its exceptional quality in tobacco breeding. Today, the island is the leading producer of cigars, surpassing even Cuba.

After a thorough dusting, they brought this sleeping legend to life and joined forces with three living tobacco Bibles with over 120 years of experience in cigar creation and production. Thus, the tabacalera factory was born in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic in 1959.

Cédric et Palmo
CB Cigars fabrique

The CB Cigars’s philosophy

To produce a cigar of supreme quality from rigorously selected tobacco!


The CB Cigars’s philosophy is to produce a cigar of supreme quality from rigorously selected tobacco, ages between 4 and 13 years, which has undergone triple or even quadruple fermentation. These tobaccos are purchased from producers in the most fertile regions of the Dominican Republic. Im order to guarantee maximum quality for each cigar, the entire manufacturing process takes place under the watchful eye of the supervisors who control the Maestros Torcedores from the best factories on the island.

After being rolled, the cigars spend another 6 months in the maturing cellar, a room with controlled temperature and hygrometry, to bring out the delicate aromas of ripe fruit, spices, beans, subtle hints of chocolate, pepper and coffee. Only in this way does the final fermentation of the different varieties of tobacco perfectly harmonise all the aromas and flavours.

To guarantee an optimal product from start to finish, CB Cigars teams up with the best transporters in the world. During shipment, the cigars are packaged in such a way that the product is never subjected to temperature or humidity variations.

In order to certify the authenticity of the cigars, CB Cigars provides all cigars with cellophane cases with the tamper evident hologram, so you can be assured that you are smoking a unique and high quality product.

The cellophane, 100% biodégradable, is there to preserve the aromas and flavours, so it is advisable not to remove it when placing the cigars in your humidor and to keep it until you start to consume them.

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